Carrier detection

via app / technical data / secondary marketing

If one were to provide each load carrier, in particular special load carrier, with a clear identification, one could seize it in our global database for load carriers. For example, this marking could be burned, stamped, labeled or realized via an RFID chip individually as a DataMatrix / Bar / QR code.

Furthermore, one could link the blueprints and technical data, thus repairs or the suitability for certain loads or loads would be available. If you then added a uniqueness in the mark, then you could also integrate the load carriers in our secure logistics chain, as this is now traceable and can be documented through our cloud.

The code is either read out directly via our app on a mobile phone or via our mobile RFID reader device.

Incidentally, the necessary labels or laser systems can be obtained directly from us.

Our laser marking system is suitable for all surfaces.

Whether wood, plastic or metal - we can mark each load carrier or mark it with a counterfeit-proof label. Incidentally, this brings with it further advantages: our portal for secondary marketing.

Immediately photographed and put online: The second marketing of used load carriers

Via our app, the end customer can identify the load carrier via the code and offer it with image and description on our portal for secondary marketing. Thus, profit can be generated from supposed "waste". Good for the annual budget AND for the environment.

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