Plastic pallet 2.0

Modular, repairable, tamper-proof

This patented in-house development is equipped with a bar / QR or DataMatrix code and also contains a special "marker" that makes the pallet tamper-proof. In addition, the range consists of the following modules:

a) Deck
b) blocks and clamshells
c) runners.

Conventional plastic pallets are either very heavy or not very stable. Especially when loading and unloading forklifts cause a variety of damage:


Normally, these pallets are no longer usable because irreparable. Weak spots are usually the blocks, these often get the full energy of the fork tine.

Through innovative design and choice of materials, we avoid such truck damage:

The patented shell concept of the block avoids damage and ensures longevity. The round blocks are each encased in three shell segments. These are radially movable to derive the impact energy of the fork tine.

In the event of damage, it is not necessary to dispose of the entire pallet, but only the damaged module (eg block shell, block or skid) - easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly to repair and also fully automatic.

Upon customer request design changes can be made, eg 5 instead of 3 skids.

In this way we achieve a significantly higher logistics circulation than with a conventional plastic pallet by avoiding damage and better repair capability, such as in the fully automatic replacement of a skid.

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