RFID Recycling / Containers & Waste Compactors Retrofit Kit (Fixing)

Recycling containers and waste compactors are high-priced objects that are often left unattended to the customer on site, and often over a longer period of time.

If these are stolen and repainted, there is hardly any possibility for subsequent identification. In addition, recycling containers and refuse compactors are often not identifiable, making it difficult to use in an automated environment (suitability for Industry 4.0).

Step 1: Retrofit kit with RFID

A container uniqueness is identified by means of a plate with integrated RFID chip to be subsequently attached to the container or to the waste compactor.

For this purpose, the RFID chip is attached via a specially designed bracket without the laborious use of a welding machine in no time. Extremely strong magnets hold the RFID chip permanently on the object. If desired, this can even be bonded inseparably with a two-component resin, so that a subsequent removal is no longer possible except by the destruction of the chip.

Step 2: Counterfeit security

The RFID or the frame and also the lacquer used can be provided with a special marker which is forgery-proof.

Ausgelesen wird der RFID durch unsere RFID-Reader-Lösung auf Basis eines modularen Schalenkonzeptes für Smartphones und das je nach Anwendungsfall in einem The RFID is read out by our RFID reader solution based on a modular shell concept for smartphones and depending on the application in a distance of up to 3> 5 meters! In addition to RFID, the device can also read barcodes, via the smartphone camera also QR and DataMatrix codes can be read out. A smartphone can be connected to our cloud system worldwide via our app. The GPS system of the mobile phone can even be used to locate the charge carriers. Damage to the load carriers can be documented via the camera of the mobile phone and stored in the cloud via our app.

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