Tamper-proof clamps, nails and screws, etc.

Pallet clip with counterfeit-proof marker color

In order to make products or means of transport forgery-proof, we developed clamps, nails, screws, but also packaging materials such as films or adhesive tape, labels, etc., which are provided with a special forgery-proof chemical marker.

The proof is provided by our brand proof detector, which is available as a stand-alone solution or coupled via Bluetooth to a smartphone - connected to our cloud system.

Even if the marker has been removed manually on the nail head, the marker can still be detected at the nail tip by pulling the nail.

In combination with:

Logistics Arts Cloud + App System:

Our systems, eg for counterfeit security, can even be viewed by your customers on request, we can even make them accessible to customs!

Integrated for tracking:

RFID and GPS / BAR / QR Code / Data Matrix

... thus suitable for a certified and secured logistics chain ...

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