Tamper-proof RFID IBC container attachment

For many years trying to provide various carriers such as IBC container with RFID tags, but no matter how and where they are fixed, you either have a problem reading, because the metal structure causes interference or with the attachment, because through robust handling a rapid damage to the RFID tag is caused.

We have developed a special attachment for IBC containers, which is located in the middle of the grid. Here neither disturbs the structure nor exists the danger of overly rapid damage. The clip can be integrated into almost any grid structure and has been patented by us. The feasibility has already been proven by us.

The clip will be available in two variants:

  • solvable
  • unsolvable

Within the scope of the RFID range (4-5m), IBC containers can be recorded, counted and read out as a whole. For this purpose, each IBC container should be equipped with 2 RFID clips, ie on two sides separately.

In addition, a bar, QR or DataMatrix code can be applied to the RFID IBC container bracket to enable additional rapid visual capture.

A special, fluorescent and food-grade chemical marker has been developed which is considered to be tamper-proof and which can be incorporated into thousands of different color shades in the charge carrier clamp during the injection molding process.

Since a small amount of the marker is sufficient here, this method is also very cost-effective. The dosage of the marker additive is in the ppm range.

Our RFID reader solution recognizes the corresponding marker as the original and the organizational unit assigned to the marker.

The RFID chip is read by our RFID reader solution based on a modular shell concept for smartphones. In addition to RFID, the device can also read barcodes, and via the smartphone camera, QR and DataMatrix codes can also be scanned. With the smartphone, our app can be used worldwide to connect to the company's own cloud system. The GPS system of the mobile phone can even be used to locate the charge carriers. Damage to the load carriers can be documented via the camera of the mobile phone and stored in the cloud via the app.

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