Anti-counterfeit paints and varnishes

Many larger objects, such as recycling containers and trash compactors, are high-priced objects that are often left unattended to customers on site, and often over a longer period of time.

If these are stolen and repainted, there is hardly any possibility for subsequent identification. Incidentally, this also applies to other objects, such as parts for scaffolding, fences or other construction site elements, as well as any other markable objects or machines.

A special, fluorescent and food-safe chemical marker has been developed which is considered to be forgery-proof and which can be incorporated into the paints and varnishes for the objects described above - and, incidentally, in all desired RAL color variants.

Even after a theft and a newly applied paint, the marker can still be detected at least in the laboratory on suspicion.

In most cases, however, identification is possible via our detectors, either via the Bluetooth device coupled to the mobile phone, with the option of comparing the measured data with the data stored in our cloud solution, or the external detector, which is available as a complete "kit" , Both variants identify the marker as the original and the organizational unit assigned to the marker.

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