Our expertise - our services


Many months ago, we started to project our ideas, which came from years of experience in the fields of load carriers and logistics. Proximity to practice and simplicity, practicality and a design that takes into account both the cost side and the greatest possible security, characterized all projects from the beginning.

The network

Alone, such a project can not handle - especially not if you think of it in all its consequences to the end. That's why Willy Lutz built a network of experts, every specialist in his field.

The same wavelength

Morality and honesty, the compatibility of ethical principles and not least also humanity are the basis for teamwork, but also in dealing with our technology partners and customers.

True to the motto: "A business is only a good business if it benefits both sides".

Cooperation and project planning

Many of our products are now ready for market launch or in final testing with industrial partners or already successfully tested in industry and trade. From now on we are open for new project planning inquiries - please write to us!


Unfortunately, in order to succeed in the global marketplace, it is no longer enough to "just" have a good idea - you also have to have it protected. All of our key features are protected as a utility model or as an international patent.

WBut that does not mean that we, like many others, automatically face confrontation when someone has a similar idea. According to our moral principles, we always seek the possibility of cooperation here, true to the motto: "Lives and lives".